Keying the File

This infographic was created for an exporting team in a logistics corporation. Following the procedure for pick up and delivery was crucial to their operation. Failure to properly follow the procedure resulted in wasted time and loss of revenue. The needs analysis revealed that employees knew the procedure, but they were not following it consistently, especially when many pick-ups and deliveries were scheduled for the same day. Thus, training was not required. I recommended creating an infographic with the procedural steps as a visual reminder of the procedure.

Google Docs Cheatsheet Infographic

Many corporations have experienced the frustrating process of editing a Word document via email between one or more people. It becomes all too cumbersome between tracking changes, forwarding the file in an email, accept changes, revisions, locating the most recent version, etc. Yet, many corporation still have not utilized Google Docs in order to streamline collaboration. Thus, remembering how to navigate through Google Drive maybe a bit tasking initially. Thus, while getting used to Google Docs, employees may need reminders on how to create new Google Docs. This infographic was created for just that purpose.

Partnering with Diverse Families and Communities

This school district has increasingly suffered with the lack of family support and involvement. Through focus groups, it was determined that this may be remedied by providing educators with best practices on how to foster relationships with the caregivers of their students. If educators were able to recruit more "involvement" via education and community outreach and education, then the number of involvement would grow exponentially and student academic success would also show growth.

This job aid provides a quick reference for educators.