Project Overview


“Partnering with Diverse Families and Communities” is a two-part learning experience. The first part is a story-driven eLearning experience that helps professionals learn and make decisions that would impact relationships with their students' families. Click here to learn more about the eLearning experience.

The second part of the learning experience is an instructor led training created with PPT.


This school district has increasingly suffered with the lack of family support and involvement. Through focus groups, it was determined that this may be remedied by providing educators with best practices on how to foster relationships with the caregivers of their students. If educators were able to recruit more "involvement" via education and community outreach and education, then the number of involvement would grow exponentially and student academic success would also show growth.

The stakeholders wanted this professional development session to be 2 hours long, which also contributed to the challenge. 2 hours in 1 sitting is a long time for anyone to remain engaged. Furthermore, educators are known to not be the most attentive during their own professional development.

The client accepted the proposal and I proceeded with design and development.


I proposed training in 2 parts: the first part is an immersive scenario-based learning experience created with Storyline that allows the learners to engage in best practices in regards to fostering positive relationships with caregivers. The 2nd part was an instructor-led-training created with Powerpoint. Facilitator and Participant guides were also created.


Responsibilities: research, instructional design, scripting, interaction and visual design, eLearning development

Target Audience: Educators ( K-12)

Tools: Microsoft PPT, Adobe Illustrator, Google Docs

Language: English

Year: 2021

After the eLearning experience, the training moved on to an Instructor-Led-Training in order to facilitate more conversation and learning through discussion. A participant's guide was also provided to learners.

Click on the image above to view the PPT Presentation

PPT Presentation

Click on the image above to view the Facilitator's Guide

Facilitator's Guide

Click on the image above to view the Participant's Guide

Participant's Guide