Using Google Docs for Streamlining Collaboration

Project Overview


“Using Google Docs for Streamlining Collaboration” is a story-driven learning experience that helps professionals learn the basics of Google Docs and leads them to realize how useful this tool can be for real-time collaboration.


Many corporations have experienced the frustrating process of editing a Word document via email between one or more people. It becomes all too cumbersome between tracking changes, forwarding the file in an email, accept changes, revisions, locating the most recent version, etc. It is the opposite of a streamlined process.


Using Rise 360, I created a story-driven experience, which takes the learner through a series of problems. The learner is presented with narratives and screencasts that leads him or her step-by-step through the basics of Google Docs until finally walks the learner through the process of beginning collaboration with Google Docs.


Responsibilities: research, instructional design, scripting, interaction and visual design, eLearning development

Target Audience: Professionals new to Google Docs

Tools: RISE 360, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Camtasia

Language: English

Year: 2021

Before I began this project, I interviewed a professional who did not use Google Docs for collaboration to find out what information was needed in order to be successful with collaboration with Google Docs. I then used Camtasia to create screencasts to teach the learner each step. I created a character and included dialogue in this Rise course to make it more enticing and more engaging to the learners. I found vector images on Storyset, which I edited to create a similar color palette.

Click on the image above to see the complete storyboard


With the mockups reviewed and finalized, I created a storyboard including screen by screen narrative text, visuals and interactive elements and functions.

Click the image above to view the infographic


A pdf infographic was also created to help the learners with a quick reference on how to create a new Google doc.

Click on the image above to view the Script


This eLearning course contains screencasts, which walks the learners step-by-step through Google Doc basics and how to get started with collaboration. Scripts were created for each screencast video.


Creating a learning course with a visual narrative helps to add interest and motivation to support the objectives of the course rather than simply presenting information for the user to read. By the end of the course, I believe the learner will clearly be able to successfully navigate through Google Docs and will be able to begin collaboration with their team.