Laboratory Safety

Project Overview


Laboratory Safety” serves as a quick review of some hazardous situations, which may occur in a science laboratory. Basic lab safety rules must be followed in every lab that uses hazardous materials or processes. Basic rules provide behavior, hygiene, and safety information to avoid accidents in the lab and should be observed whenever working in a lab and reviewed frequently.


For some, lab safety can be second nature, but for others, especially those new in the field may need reminders of lab safety.


I created 2 levels for this activity. For those who are new to the profession, or may need some reminders of lab safety, they are able to choose the option where hits are given as to the areas that pose a safety issue within the lab.


Responsibilities: instructional design, interaction and visual design, eLearning development

Target Audience: Scientists and employees who work in a lab

Tools: Microsoft PPT, Storyline, Adobe illustrator

Language: English

Year: 2021