Feedback in Action

Project Overview


Feedback in Action explains what “situation-behavior-impact” feedback (SBI) is and how it comes into play. SBI promotes feedback based on identifying a specific situation, describing the observed behavior (and when and where it happened) and explaining its impact on you. SBI can boost results-based leadership development. This short video is just one section of a "Delivering Feedback to Employees" course.


It can be one of the trickiest and touchiest tasks for a manager or a supervisor– giving feedback to their employees. In order to achieve improved results from their employees, managers and supervisors need to be able to effectively collaborate and communicate. To do this, managers and supervisors must effectively give feedback. Likewise, they must also understand the impact of their actions upon others, and thus also receive feedback.


Using Vyond, I created a quick video using the script that was provided. The video provided the learners with the meaning of "feedback in action".


Responsibilities: instructional design, interaction and visual design, eLearning development

Target Audience: Employees and managers in a professional environment

Tools: Google Docs, Vyond

Language: English

Year: 2021

Click on the image above to see the complete storyboard


With the mockups reviewed and finalized, I created a storyboard including screen by screen narrative text, visuals and interactive elements and functions.

Click on the image above to view the Script


The concept of "Feedback in Action" is taught through a quick video created with Vyond. This video defines and explains what "Feedback in Action" means using the SBI method (Situation, Behavior, Impact). This script was provided by the Stakeholder.